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DIMARZIO DP228F CRUNCH LAB Pickup HB Black John Petrucci

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Versione F-Spacing

One thing has stayed consistent throughout John Petrucci's long and successful career: the DiMarzio® pickups in his guitars. John has been pushing the envelope of progressive metal since the late eighties, and the new DiMarzio® Crunch Lab™ Bridge Model ensued from our most recent collaboration with John. He used it throughout Dream Theater's tenth studio album, "Black Clouds & Silver Linings". John swears this is the best live and studio sound he has ever had, and the name says it all - "crunch" is what it's all about with a big, tight sound that's neither muddy nor thin. Recommended For: Bridge Tech Talk: The Crunch Lab™ is noteworthy (bad pun alert!) for what it doesn't do - it's not a screamer, and it's not about thundering lows. Its physical appearance is identical to the D Sonic™, but the internal design is a lot different. It's louder, and the highs have more depth. The lows and mids are more open, and this is crucial for playing chords with body and presence through a gained-out amp. The voicing of the pickup is also different enough to the point that John prefers the Crunch Lab™ to be installed in almost all of his guitars (including the JP Bari) with the solid bar toward the neck, regardless of the guitar's tuning.


  • Versione F-Spacing
  • Wiring: 4 conductor
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Output: 410
  • DC resistance: 11.03 K


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Recensioni clienti su DIMARZIO DP228F CRUNCH LAB Pickup HB Black John Petrucci
Montato su Ibanez Rg economica, decisamente un bel suono anche su tale chitarra, Dimarzio è sempre una garanzia. Simone V. da Bologna
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